Nubian Divas

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Nubian Divas is a dynamic duo of Dancers, Jessica & Anniitra Ravenmoon, and their musical associates, (primarily Rod, Montino, Gregg & Vernon), lovers of dance & live acoustic music! Other dancers and musicians join in as each performance permits.
We're located in Southern California, but travel far and have friends around the globe. Jessica, Anniitra, and co-founder Neferititi are online at with links for each dancer, friends, and other dance resources as well. We teach, vend, do workshops, special events, and perform at various venues. The images posted here include our extended family and friends, and discussion & postings should be related to Nubian Divas and dance issues in general. Thanks for stopping by our part of!

Our Mission Statement:

Questing to shine a spotlight on dancers of color world wide. Letting the public know "Where we are" "Who we are" "What Style of dance we do" while we connect with each other and grow as dancers of this "bellydance" "Raqs Sharki" "Tribal" "Le Danse Oriental"!

We will strive to do this through workshops, events, seminars, and lectures with some of the top Pan-African "superstarz" of this dance.

"It's time for the Hook Up Y'all"

"All you other Divas and friends of Dance Let us know you are out there!!" We love to commune, collaborate, mix 'n' match in varied combinations - give us a shout!

p.s. if you see a red "x" in the photo section, click on it and see what happens (there's at least one surprise here!) RSS Feed what is XML?

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